Complaints Policy

4.1  Complaints

In relation to complaints received, Claremont and Holyport Surgery will demonstrate that the Practice Team:

  • Understands the importance of dealing effectively with complaints in a timely manner, as well as acknowledging and acting on feedback received
  • Will ensure that all complaints are directed to the designated complaints manager, usually Mr Scott Ridley, with Mr Scott Ridley as the responsible person
  • Recognises that failure to deal with a complaint is a serious matter that could be considered a breach of the General Medical Services contract at Claremont and Holyport Surgery
  • Will reduce the workload of Claremont and Holyport Surgery by resolving verbal complaints to the complainant’s satisfaction within 24 hours in order to avoid a formal complaints process and, as it can be difficult to separate a complaint from a concern, this policy will be followed whenever dissatisfaction is clearly expressed
  • Will acknowledge a complaint and offer a discussion about the handling of the complaint with the complainant within 3 working days of receiving a complaint
  • Will keep the complainant informed if a response is delayed
  • Has functional knowledge of how to deal with complaints which is equitably applied
  • Considers the quality of care provided by putting themselves in the place of the Patient and assessing their expectations for the service
  • Reviews services and how they are delivered in relation to complaints and feedback received
  • Makes changes where necessary or appropriate to improve services and the Patient experience
  • Monitors outputs from changes and developments as part of a continuous cycle of improvement
  • Shares feedback and changes made with Patients, stakeholders, commissioners and local health networks
  • Keeps accurate records and documentation for all complaints and feedback
  • Complies with the requirements of all current NHS and local complaints and feedback policy and procedures
  • Provides access to Patients for information about how to make a complaint, the complaints process and timescales via the Patient leaflet, the website and in the surgery in appropriate or specific requested accessible formats
  • Understands statutory obligations in respect of the Duty of Candour and will follow the agreed policy and procedure

4.2  Compliments, Suggestions and Feedback

Claremont and Holyport Surgery will ensure that services delivered are effective and responsive to the needs of Patients, carers and other users by encouraging and welcoming feedback from Patients about the service and their experiences.

Claremont and Holyport Surgery will comply with the April 2015 contractual requirement for all General Practices in England to establish and maintain a Patient participation group (PPG) and make reasonable efforts to:

  • Identify areas of good practice, strengths and what Claremont and Holyport Surgery does well
  • Identify areas for improvement, lessons learned and any changes to be made as a result
  • Demonstrate that Claremont and Holyport Surgery values Patients' and others' concerns and comments about the work of the Practice Team by making changes in response to feedback received

Claremont and Holyport Surgery will reflect on compliments, suggestions and other feedback received formally and informally depending on the content. A record of all compliments, suggestions and other feedback will be maintained, together with the register of complaints at Claremont and Holyport Surgery and will be reviewed on a regular basis at Practice meetings in addition to regular and annual complaints reviews.

Compliments, suggestions and feedback received will be explored by the team at Claremont and Holyport



Surgery and a response provided to the individual as well as to the wider Patient and stakeholder population (via the usual communication methods and channels at Claremont and Holyport Surgery), in particular when changes have been made or developments are planned in response.

Claremont and Holyport Surgery will submit annual data to NHS Digital for the KO41b primary care (GP and Dental) complaints collection.